My Dark Souls Journey (Part 2)

Sorry this took me so long to publish. I’ve been busy with work and finishing off playthrough number 2 of Dark Souls. Playthrough number three will be on my Twitch channel!

Ah, Blighttown.

The most poisonous, least smooth place in Lordran.

I went into Blighttown with some trepidation. I had heard from friends just what a nightmare I was in for. Just the abrupt change in lighting after leaving the Depths was enough to make me mutter “Oh fuck” under my breath. I made my way down the tunnel trepidatiously, spotting two figures in the distance. They turn and run towards me. Two hulking beasts with clubs. One swings. I mistime my dodge. I get one-shotted, dropping all of the souls I gained from beating the Gaping Dragon.

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Itchy. Tasty: A Love Letter To Resident Evil

In 1996, a small team led by Shinji Mikami with Capcom released Resident Evil. The game featured memorable characters, horrific monsters, and some cringeworthy dialogue. The game would also spawn various sequels, spin-offs, a movie franchise, and would go on to define the beloved “survival horror” sub-genre of gaming. But does the original live up to it’s legacy?

The story follows the members of Raccoon City’s S.T.A.R.S. team, as they investigate a series of grisly murders in the forests outside the city. Bravo Team’s helicopter went missing, and it’s up to our heroes in Alpha Team to follow up and uncover the mysteries of their missing comrades… and the mansion they find themselves chased into by wild dogs. And so the horror begins.

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Grumble’s Favourite Horror Games (Part 2)

Content warning: contains potentially triggering images and descriptions.

Part two of my favourite horror games. I tried picking some titles that were less obvious. I omitted games that, despite me loving them, crop up on all the “best horror game” lists. That’s why you won’t see PT or Amnesia here.

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin [Monolith Productions, 2009]

*Spoilers for F.E.A.R. ahead!*

Monolith strike gold again. The sequel to the game mockingly known as “the game with the girl from the ring” delivered not just a very solid first-person-shooter, but a very effective psychological horror too. The first game saw you playing the Point Man of the titular First Encounter Assault Recon as they hunted Paxton Fettel, a black ops commander gone rogue. With a penchant for eating people. Who psychically controlled an army of super-soldiers. If that doesn’t sound bat-shit enough for you, throw in Alma, the now-iconic little girl who turned what was already a solid shooter into a stone-cold classic.

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Grumble’s Favourite Horror Games (Part 1)

Content warning: contains potentially triggering images and descriptions.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge horror game fan. There’s nothing quite like it. A lot of people avoid the genre, but to me, the spine-tingling, creepy games that fill you with fear are the greatest. And here, in no particular order, is a list of my personal favourites.

SOMA [Frictional Games, 2015]

Amnesia: The Dark Descent may have been the breakthrough title for Sweden’s Frictional Games, but to me their 2015 follow-up SOMA is their masterpiece. Taking all of the tension they created with The Dark Descent and ramping it up to near-palpable levels, you play Simon Jarrett. Simon is a twenty-something average joe who, after going for what seems like a routine brain scan in 2015 Toronto, wakes up almost 100 years in the future, in a dilapidated scientific facility at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.

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