My Dark Souls Journey (Part 2)

Sorry this took me so long to publish. I’ve been busy with work and finishing off playthrough number 2 of Dark Souls. Playthrough number three will be on my Twitch channel!

Ah, Blighttown.

The most poisonous, least smooth place in Lordran.

I went into Blighttown with some trepidation. I had heard from friends just what a nightmare I was in for. Just the abrupt change in lighting after leaving the Depths was enough to make me mutter “Oh fuck” under my breath. I made my way down the tunnel trepidatiously, spotting two figures in the distance. They turn and run towards me. Two hulking beasts with clubs. One swings. I mistime my dodge. I get one-shotted, dropping all of the souls I gained from beating the Gaping Dragon.

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My Dark Souls Journey (Part 1)

Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Pain.

Before Dark Souls, I was never a fan of challenging games. Yes, I’m the type of gamer who, when given a choice of what difficulty to play a game as, will choose easy. Sometimes medium if I’m feeling particularly ballsy. I can’t quite remember why I decided to start playing Dark Souls in the first place. Maybe I was dared. Maybe I felt that everyone else had played it, so I had to. Or maybe, just maybe, I felt like I had something to prove. Famed for it’s difficulty, finishing Dark Souls is seen by most gamers as a crowning achievement. The temptation was too great for me. I bought the Prepare To Die edition, downloaded DSFix (because I’m not a monster) and jumped in.

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