My Dark Souls Journey (Part 2)

Sorry this took me so long to publish. I’ve been busy with work and finishing off playthrough number 2 of Dark Souls. Playthrough number three will be on my Twitch channel!

Ah, Blighttown.

The most poisonous, least smooth place in Lordran.

I went into Blighttown with some trepidation. I had heard from friends just what a nightmare I was in for. Just the abrupt change in lighting after leaving the Depths was enough to make me mutter “Oh fuck” under my breath. I made my way down the tunnel trepidatiously, spotting two figures in the distance. They turn and run towards me. Two hulking beasts with clubs. One swings. I mistime my dodge. I get one-shotted, dropping all of the souls I gained from beating the Gaping Dragon.

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Bohemian Killing Review: Mamma Mia, Let Me Go

Bohemian Killing
Developer: The Moonwalls
Publisher: IQ Publishing
Release date:  July 21st, 2016
Game code was offered by developer via Keymailer.

In The Moonwalls’ debut game, Alfred Ethon must lie and manipulate his way out of a murder conviction in 19th century Paris.

Bohemian Killing is less of a “whodunnit” and more of a “Ididn’tdunnit”. You play Alfred Ethon, standing accused of a murder that you absolutely did commit. The victim is Madame Marie Capet, stabbed to death in a Parisian hotel room. The murder is played out in the game’s introduction, and from there it’s up to you to bullshit your way through your testimony, hoping the judge will believe you and not convict you. Gameplay alternates between the courtroom, during which you’re little more than a spectator to the proceedings, and the fictional reconstruction of events Alfred tells as his testimony.

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